‘Panic is rising' among Republicans over Trump’s blunders

A sense of panic is rising among Republican elected officials over GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’ missteps and the inability of his campaign staff to control him.

Trump has insisted that his presidential campaign is united despite reports of deep divisions in the Republican Party.

GOP party leaders have even begun to discuss what to do if their unpredictable nominee suddenly quits the race for the White House.

“A sense of panic is rising” among GOP elected officials and operatives, said Ed Rogers, a former Republican official during the George W. Bush administration.

“Serious, senior lawyers have begun researching how the rules would work if the party had to replace Trump on the ticket,” another senior GOP figure has confirmed.

Although it is extremely unlikely that Trump would quit the race, the fact that Republican officials were carrying out such public discussions underscores how far panic has spread.

The rising concerns were…

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