Pakistan Expels 3 Million Afghan “Refugees”

Pakistan has started expelling all 3 million illegal immigrant Afghans back to their home country—in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The fact that the UNHCR is involved in the repatriation process proves that Afghanistan is a “safe” country and that all “asylum seekers” from there are bogus.

According to a report in the Pakistan Today newspaper, the UNHCR has announced that “Afghan refugees are being facilitated during repatriation to their homeland.”

The UNHCR said that Afghan refugees living in Pakistan are being provided every possible facility while returning to their homeland.

Those willingly returning are also being provided with a cash resettlement grant.

Two special centers have been set up in Peshawar and Quetta cities of Pakistan to facilitate Afghan refugees, the UNHCR added.

The Afghan government has also announced that it will provide land and other basic needs to their nationals returning Afghanistan, and that the repatriation process is already underway.

Pakistan’s States and Frontier Regions Minister, Dr. Abdul Qadir Baloch, has said that the Afghans have been given until the end of this year to leave Pakistan, and after that, “action will be taken against those living illegally in the country.”

This cut-off date has most recently been extended to March 2017. So far this year, at least 100,000 Afghans have already voluntarily returned home from Pakistan.

The BBC has reported that the UNHCR…

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