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A reflective commentary regarding The Christian Challenge to Empire, November 24, 2018 by Bionic Mosquito regarding God in Public: How the Bible Speaks Truth to Power Today, by N. T. Wright

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ in the narrative of the gospel is not merely a challenge to empire, it is a physical and metaphysical veto judgment that overrules empire and affirms individual sovereignty.

More than a veto judgment that affirms the authority and power of individual sovereignty, the resurrection is a joyful view of reality, freedom and victory over death. Like the awe and wonder inspired by the present-tense miracle of life itself, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a justice and awe inspiring reply to the rulers of this world, and it is a final assurance of justification to the just who live by faith. The gospel narrative makes a mockery of unjust empires and all who serve them. The judgment is authoritative and powerful. Behold Jesus risen. Are there any questions? Yes! Laugh out loud and rejoice with fear! If there are no questions someone is not paying attention. There is no excuse. Reality is the first and final judge.

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Consider the gospel as a judgment of evil empires. “He made a show of them openly.” Observe the empire’s mouths now shut in fear of their now overturned judgment. Observe the unjustly accused disciples now pointing their fingers justly accusing the empire which “by wicked hands have crucified and slain” a “man approved of God”. Observe this proclamation of judgment and its echo throughout history. “I am who I am.” Check your premise. “Repent or perish.” Rejoice in triumph…

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