Over 600 Women Face Arrest for Protesting US Immigration Policy

In Washington, DC, 630 women were arrested Thursday during a massive nonviolent civil disobedience action on Capitol Hill protesting the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Protesters, chanting “We care” and “Abolish ICE,” and wearing mylar emergency blankets like those given to immigrants imprisoned in US detention centers, flooded the Hart Senate Office Building for a sit-in protest demanding that immigrant children be released from US custody and reunited with their families. Protesters included the actress Susan Sarandon and Linda Sarsour, co-organizer of the Women’s March on Washington.

AMY GOODMAN: Now to Washington, DC, where nearly 600 people, mainly women, were arrested on Capitol Hill, among them, the actress and activist Susan Sarandon.

PROTESTERS: We must resist! Women all around, raise your fist!

SUSAN SARANDON: I’m a mother and an American and a patriot. So, we have to keep the dialogue going so this doesn’t become normal, separating children from their families. Our whole system of denying asylum seekers, treating them as if they—it is unlawful, is completely wrong and unconstitutional. And we’re here to put our bodies down and try to keep the discussion going and make it clear that we’re not stopping. We’re going to fix this, if it takes many arrests to do it. And this is just one of many marches where people can understand that this is a serious—we’re taking this seriously. And in this moment of history, we’re going to be on the right side of what needs to happen.

MARITZA SOLANO: Maritza Solano, I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland. I come from an immigrant family, a mixed-status family, and I’m here to represent them and to represent the community that I currently work with, to tell—this is the first time I’m ever getting arrested or participating in this form of civil disobedience, because I think it’s time to sort of take a stand on this racist, anti-immigrant administration. And I’m here representing…

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