The balance has shifted – Majority of Americans now fear corrupt government


It is not the “scary clown” epidemic that makes Americans afraid, but more mundane fears, such as corrupt government. Unfair officials terrify people more than terrorism or economic collapse, according to a new survey.

Over 60 percent of adult Americans have confessed that they are “very afraid” of corrupt government officials. That fear is holding its leading position for the second year in the row and is followed by terrorism and money-related concerns.

“People often fear what they cannot control, and we find continued evidence of that in our top fears,” Christopher Bader, Ph.D., professor of sociology at Chapman University, said in a public release.

The Chapman University Survey of American Fears ranked the nation’s top 10 fears. They included restrictions on firearms and ammunition (38.5 percent), identity theft (37.1 percent), deaths or serious illness of their loved ones (38.1 percent and 35.9 respectively).

There are 35.5 percent who said that they were afraid or very afraid of Obamacare.

“The 2016 survey data shows us the top fears have shifted from last year’s, which were heavily based in economic and ‘big brother’ type issues to include more health and financial fears this year,” Bader said.

In 2015, the second greatest fear was cyber-terrorism, followed by corporate tracking of personal data.

This year, a terrorist attack is the second most feared, compared to its fourth position in 2015. Obamacare and gun control also haven’t come up since last year’s survey.

The actual list of things Americans are afraid of is much longer and includes fears related to natural disasters or even technology, for example cyber-terrorism or the government using drones. Then there were fears of immigration, including concerns of white people being outnumbered.

Clowns, which have been spooking Americans since August, are far from the top of that list, with only 7.8 percent.

The survey asked 1,511 people nationwide between May 5 and 18, 2016.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.


    Over 60 percent of adult Americans have confessed that they are “very afraid” of corrupt government. That is until a knuckle dragging thug pulls up behind you to shake you down for the local mob. Then it’s 100%.

    • Newton Finn

      I’m even more afraid of the elites for whom the knuckle-draggers work. And I’m most afraid of the majority of people who can’t or won’t make that connection.

  • GreenAcres

    lol. Let’s take a look at the facts…both “presidential” candidates are Israel firsters. Israel assassinated JFK after he revealed Israel’s “plan to enslave every man, woman, and child”. The smoking guns? JFK’s speech and assassination, Justice Saclia’s assassination, and the fact Israel did 9/11 to provoke a revenge war with the Arab world to trick the US into doing ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Middle East to establish the fraud of “greater Israel” and now Israel suddenly owns the entire US media, medicine, computing, education, the international political cartel, and US presidencies, including Trump.

    …when the Don asked us to “cherish” Israel, he revealed clearly he’s establishment. He’s the Rockefeller puppet.

    …when Clitler said she would do a better job defending Israel, she revealed clearly her crime spree wouldn’t stop if we allowed her to be *selected* president. She’s the Rothschild puppet.

    Who’s pulling the strings? London, the Queen of England, she’s the bloodline of ISIS/Eve (the same individual) and Mary. …the masons are the “secret society” JFK warned us about. The smoking gun? The “queen” gave Palestine to the khazaian converts to foment a profitable war in the Middle East she using her bankers to fund both sides of the war. If you think not, look at who thinks she *owns* you, the queen. It is the best kept secret in our history! She owns the “fed”, the “irs”, the “fbi”, all alphabet agenices, and she owns the vatican, the jesuits, the miltary arm of the “church”, and they all are doing “the great work”, the “great culling”, Agenda 21, criminal genocide. The “Jews” want to depopulate rule the world, the world court built and functioning in Tel Aviv!

    And, I’ve got better things to do with my time that this. If you doubt any of the above findings, do the research, the evidence is megalithic. Or, ask here and I’ll post it up!

    • Anticopyright –

      but… i read in the headlines the other day that the queens favorite dog had died and she was so sad, thats evidence of her being a sensitive, nice, caring human being that wouldnt hurt a fly

  • JosephConrad


    • TellTheTruth-2

      They’re called Ziocons today .. look it up in the Urban Dictionary.