Over 10,000 migrants ‘smuggled’ into Britain annually: Report

More than 10,000 migrants are being smuggled into the UK every year, security officials say, underlining the British government’s lack of control over the country’s borders.

Security officials in the French city of Calais told British media on Sunday that each week nearly 200 migrants from the city enter the UK undetected, while hiding in trucks.

The sources estimated that more than 10,000 migrants enter the UK in the back of lorries.

The uninvited guests apparently jump out from the large transportation vehicles upon reaching British soil.

A migrant enters a lorry trailer after cutting through the roof, Calais. (AFP photo)

“Each lorry is packed with dozens of migrants and many are stopped before they reach England,” the Telegraph quoted a regional security official as saying.

“But we are certain that a few get through. The estimate is around 200 a week. We know others are crossing in small boats or vans.”

People smugglers and migrants…

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