Outrage over Use of Yellow Badges to Protest Use of Jewish Buses in Montreal Area

A Montreal woman who sparked outrage after she and other citizens wore yellow badges on their clothing at a borough council meeting to protest the Jewish community’s use of school buses in her neighbourhood says she’s the real victim.

Despite being told by residents the yellow square on her shirt evoked the Holocaust — when European Jews were forced to wear yellow stars under the Nazi regime — Ginette Chartre said in an interview Tuesday she wouldn’t stop wearing it.

“(The Jews) always bring up their painful past,” she said. “They do it to muzzle us. We’re wearing the yellow square because the school buses are yellow.

We’ll march down the street wearing them, banging pots and pans if we have to,” Chartre said about the most recent flare-up between some residents of Outremont and its burgeoning Hasidic community.

“We are living an injustice. We are being persecuted by them.”

Outremont’s Hasidic Jews use school buses to transport their children and members of the community to school and around the neighbourhood.

Chartre and a handful of other residents have been complaining for years the vehicles block the streets and are a nuisance because they run in the summer and during what she says are odd hours during the day and evening.

“On just one residential, one-way street, there are 14 buses in one hour!” she said. “That’s not reasonable.”

On Monday night, Chartre and about eight other people attended the Outremont council meeting wearing the yellow badges and tried to…

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