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On a sunny day Violeta and I will inhabit our faithful CRV and wander about, without being excessively directed toward anywhere in particular, along the south shore of Lake Chapala, maybe striking off randomly in search of interesting pueblos. Warm wind. Ranchera music. There are roads good and bad fraught with minor adventures and curiosities. For example, On a winding narrow rural road a sopilote, a buzzard, insisted on stalking down the middle in front of us, so that we could not pass without squashing him, or her, which we had no idea of doing.  The horn had no effect. Thus go things in the wilds of Jalisco.

Thinking that the photos along the lake might interest curious souls, I decided to stick them together with some others and post them on the web. Well, I did.

If If you like pelicans, lots of them, you should look into Lake Chapala. Actually those in the photo are sparse compared to concentrations that often look like a white raft. They are mysterious. Sometimes the entire raft will begin moving in the same direction. This will last for several minutes, whereupn the raft reverses direction and goes back. There are indeed more things in heaven and earth, especially when it comes to pelicans.  Phredfoto.

malecón‘is a cement boardwalk. Towns along Lake Chapala typically have them. They vary considerably. Some are wonderful places for walking and thinking, or sitting and thinking, or supervising pelicans. Others, such as the  one in Ajijic, where we live, have elaborate hemispherical bowls where skateboarders can endeavor to kill themselves. Sometimes there will be stalls selling vampiros, a drink involving tequila and various fruit juices that make it pink. They are typically served in a plastic bag with a…

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