Organized Sports and the Total State

The POTUS chastised the NFL for disrespecting the flag and the NFL Commish chastised the POTUS for a “lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.” Thus, the jingoistic USA in demanding that we respect the sacred flag and nationalism gets crossed up with the narcissistic NFL in its demand that we respect the sacred sport of football and athleticism. Spectator sport indeed! as one roots for an increase in internecine fighting within the totalitarian powers that be. For both sports and nationalism go hand-in-hand.

Organized sports, be they participatory or spectatorial, are especially powerful transmitter of the Total State’s propaganda due to their being both entertaining and participatory. Sports as well is a cause that elicits an energetic allegiance and loyalty that squanders and perverts  (especially a male’s) the innate piety that is to be given only to the family and God. Sports fosters blind allegiance to a team; a my team (country) right or wrong mentality. So too, sports inculcate the belief that life is a level playing field, where rules are made up by decree. This is legal positivism, which is the life blood of the Total State, as opposed to God-given natural law, which is the nemesis of the Total State.

Organized sports, especially team sports, thus indoctrinates a person to be an obedient citizen of the Total State; a Total State that decides by positivistic decree what is right and wrong; that forces its citizens to think within its box of what is politically correct; that dictates to its citizens the very parameters of acceptable reality; that demands that its citizens unquestionably…

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