Ontario’s Ford-led government initiates class-war assault


Ontario’s Ford-led government initiates class-war assault

Roger Jordan

23 June 2018

Ontario’s Premier-designate—the right-wing populist, millionaire businessman Doug Ford— imposed a public-sector hiring freeze Monday, as well as ordering all provincial ministries to severely curtail discretionary spending. The measures are meant to underline the incoming Progressive Conservative government’s determination to slash public spending.

In campaigning for the June 7 provincial election, Ford vowed to cut the government’s annual budget by $6 billion a year or 4 percent through “efficiency savings.” Though Ford demagogically insisted this could be done without any job cuts, his hiring freeze has already exposed such claims as a fraud. Thousands of jobs will be eliminated in the months ahead as civil servants, hospital workers, and other public sector workers who retire or seek employment elsewhere are not replaced.

A section of last Saturday’s protest, which denounced the incoming Conservative government’s plans to scrap a planned increase in the minimum wage and otherwise rollback worker rights

The government is also moving forward with an “independent audit” of the government’s finances, with the transparent aim of declaring the province’s fiscal situation to be even graver than previously believed. To lay the political groundwork for a massive new assault on health care, education and other vital public services, the corporate media has for months been lecturing Ontarians that the province is one of the most indebted “subnational jurisdictions” in the world.

Ford and his aides have also announced that he will make good on his promise to eliminate the Liberals’ cap-and-trade carbon pricing mechanism, which will cost the province hundreds of…

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