Only Communism Will Protect Our Waters

Photo source Jeffrey Putney | CC BY 2.0

PolyMet is trying the Donald Trump approach to mining here in Minnesota. Their philosophy: I’ve never mined before, I must be better than the other guys. PolyMet passed the longest environment review in Minnesota’s history, according to their own website. Which begs two worrisome questions. 1. If the mining was safe, why did the review take so long? 2. If it wasn’t, why was it approved? But we know mining isn’t safe. The rocks PolyMet want to mine have sulfide, which will create sulfuric acid when exposed to air or water. PolyMet is playing with fire here, as all snow and rain that falls near will need to be treated to avoid being polluted.

The 4.7 square mile area that will be drilled upon will have water that leads to Lake Superior. A mess-up, which seems inevitable, is going to significantly damage the drinking water of Minnesotans who rely on Lake Superior for water. And this is a body of water we have to protect, if the species is going to survive for much longer. 2,900 cubic miles of water live here, and Lake Superior remains one of earth’s greatest treasures. On top of the health concerns for humans, a diverse community of fish and birds are in danger. A guarantee of the project will be the destruction of 1,000 acres of Wetlands. Mining has been the number one pollutant every year since they were forced to report (1997). Even more frightening is the precedent that this project will set, as 11 other similar…

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