Old Tjikko: Sorry, We Have Lost It

9,500 years ago
there were no dollar-bills,
central-banks or research-institutes
on global-warming;
And no grand tales
of industrial-revolution,
I-phones and Internet-God.
We were not that schizoid
not to revere our soil and trees
and not to feel the whole
animate/inanimate matrix
as our own kindred souls.
We loved,
because we had not yet
invented the word, “Love”.

Now we talk and write, endlessly
about Ethics, Religion and Science
we philosophize
on good and bad, human-nature
climate-change and world-peace
we take pride
in our diamond blades of reason
and don’t hesitate to crucify a guy,
and God the shit out of him
so that we can kill,
and still justify.

Claude Shannon said,

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