Ohio firefighters suspended over ‘firehouse sex tapes’ — RT US News

In a story that sounds a lot like the plot of a porn movie, two Ohio firefighters have been suspended after being accused of getting hot and heavy in their local firehouse and posting footage of the trysts online.

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The amorous pair, Lieutenant Art Dean and Provisional Lieutenant Deann Eller, were removed from active duty after their alleged activities were rumbled by city officials acting on an anonymous tip. They are suspected of making a series of graphic videos on public property and then publishing their sex tapes on the internet.

In a statement to the press, Fire Chief Clarence Tucker said the allegations “bring unwelcome dishonor and embarrassment” to the fire department and the city of Akron.

The officers, who are on paid leave, are now being investigated over a number of potential rule breaches, in particular whether they broke the city’s anti-fraternizing rule for men and women, the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

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City officials would not confirm to the paper which firehouses were used as backdrops for the movies, which have reportedly been shared widely across various porn websites.

Steven Barker, president of the local firefighters union, said the case was unprecedented but expected the investigation to be wrapped up in a week’s time. “I’ve never heard anything like it at all. I’ve never heard anything similar to this,” he told the Beacon Journal.

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