Office Pool 2019 – LewRockwell

1) On Jan. 1, 2020, Donald Trump will be

  1. fighting an indictment for fraud.
  2. fighting impeachment proceedings.
  3. running for re-election.
  4. no longer president.

2) In 2019, the House Democrats will

  1. drive Trump crazy with subpoenas and investigations.
  2. finally get their hands on Trump’s tax returns.
  3. try to make it more difficult to own a gun.
  4. collectively agree to keep the government within the confines of the Constitution.

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3) On Jan. 1, 2020,

  1. the Dow Jones industrial average will be 5,000 points below where it was on Dec. 1, 2018.
  2. the debt of the federal government will be in excess of $24 trillion.
  3. the Federal Reserve will have continued to keep interest rates artificially low.
  4. the United States will be in a major recession that will dwarf the housing crisis of 2008.

4) On Jan. 1, 2020,

  1. Trump will have endured the mass resignation of his entire Cabinet.
  2. Joe Biden will be leading the Democratic field for his party’s presidential nomination.
  3. Biden will be leading Trump in opinion polls.
  4. Hillary Clinton will have tossed her hat in the ring.

5) On Jan. 1, 2020, Bill and Hillary Clinton will

  1. be bankrupt.
  2. be divorced.
  3. have had another grandchild.
  4. be gone from the public scene.

6) In 2019,

  1. the New England Patriots will be caught in another cheating scandal.
  2. Tom Brady will be traded to the New York Giants.
  3. the Yankees will not make the MLB playoffs.
  4. the LA Dodgers will be bankrupt.

7) In 2019, Chris Christie will

  1. be named secretary of homeland security.
  2. renounce his love of the Cowboys and become a water boy for the Jets.
  3. finally begin sumo wrestling.
  4. lose 150 pounds.

8) In 2019, Kim Kardashian will be

  1. the wealthiest woman in Hollywood.
  2. running for the Senate in…

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