Office Pool 2018 – LewRockwell

1) In 2018,

  1. the Democrats will win control of the House of Representatives.
  2. the Republicans will retain control of the Senate.
  3. President Donald Trump will provoke the use of the 25th Amendment by his Cabinet to remove him temporarily from office.
  4. the key issue in the congressional races will be whether or not to impeach President Trump.

2) At the end of 2018,

  1. more American troops will be deployed around the world than are today.
  2. the United States will be directly involved in a land war in North Korea.
  3. the United States will renounce its membership in NATO.
  4. all American combat troops will be back home in the United States.

3) In 2018, President Trump will

  1. issue more executive orders than President Barack Obama did in eight years.
  2. build a wall along the Texas-Mexico border without congressional authorization.
  3. use military force to prevent former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie from taking over “The Apprentice.”
  4. stop using Twitter.

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4) In 2018, the Supreme Court will

  1. reverse Roe v. Wade, thereby handing off the abortion controversy to the states.
  2. find that the right to carry arms outside the home is protected by the Second Amendment.
  3. outlaw the government’s mass surveillance of Americans.
  4. have its oral arguments televised.

5) In 2018, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will

  1. race to see who can hack the other’s Twitter account more effectively.
  2. proclaim their personal and eternal friendship to each other.
  3. agree to produce a shirtless 2019 calendar together.
  4. threaten each other over Russian military forces in Finland.

6) In 2018, WikiLeaks will release

  1. secret tapes of the meeting in Trump Tower between members…

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