Obama should be investigated over Clinton’s emails: Trump


US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says President Barack Obama should be “investigated” over his role in Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal.

Trump said Tuesday that Obama knew about Clinton’s email arrangements while she served as secretary of state during the president’s first term in office from 2009 to 2013.

“That’s why he stuck up for Hillary, because he didn’t want to be dragged in. Because he knew all about her private server,” Trump told Reuters. “This means that he has to be investigated.”

The White House did not give any comments about Trump’s accusations, but Press Secretary Josh Earnest said earlier on Tuesday that Obama did not know where Clinton’s server was located or other details, although he had her personal email address.

Clinton has said her decision to use the private server installed at her home at Chappaqua, New York, for official government business was a mistake and has apologized.


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  • legal eagle

    Investigation is a good idea, but by WHOM? The FBI? Comey is sold out. The attorney general ? Lynch is in Clinton’s pocket. Just WHO is supposed to do the investigating? When those who are responsible to see justice done are the perpetrators of the offense it isn’t going anywhere. The system is gamed.

  • Ideas Time

    If we want to end this fraud, all ballots must have the voter
    ID written on the ballot along with Name, address, phone number and
    voter’s autograph.

    Tyrants stay in power because they can stuff
    as many marked ballots with no identifying information as they need or
    replace any ballot at any time with one marked with who they want and
    their is no way to confirm anything or contact the voter to see if this
    is how they voted.

    Secret voting does not work for the people,
    only the elite who must get a good laugh that people keep falling for
    the same scam year after year.

    Nothing will change until these entrenched people can be removed and they will be with honest voting.

    We need all paper ballots that show the voter’s information on the ballot itself.

    fraud ends with this important change and so does the insanity of doing
    the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    • Tom

      We’ve always been told the secret ballot protects us from tyrants being able to retaliate against people who vote the “wrong” way. But I’m beginning to suspect that this is another of the ruling elites lies, and as you say, secret ballots really protect tyrants from the people by making it impossible to verify voting. I’ve never cast a vote in my life that I couldn’t be proud of and for which I had logical reasons. This voting fraud crisis makes open and transparent voting an idea whose time has come. If a tyrant ever makes use of anyone’s public voting record to retaliate, it’s time to shoot the tyrant.

      • Ideas Time

        Excellent comment and I share your feelings. I am voting for Trump and if they don’t like it they come for me and I will introduce them to my friend, Glock.

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    You can’t tell me that that monkey did not know what was going on!!!! Sure he knew and sure he had his grubby paws out to get his CUT of the money. He stinks to high heaven with HIS lies.

  • bill

    Chump talkling big, what a phony BS artist this man is. A few years ago he was praising both Obama and Hillary, now he PRETENDS he’s on the average Americans side.