Obama says new Libya airstrikes in US interest

US President Barack Obama says the new bombing campaign in Libya is critical to US national security interests, as the American military targeted Daesh positions in the North African country for a second day.

The airstrikes were undertaken to help Libyan forces “finish the job” and drive the terrorists out of the troubled North African country, Obama told reporters during a press conference in the White House on Tuesday.

“So we are working in partnership with them to assure that ISIL does not get a stronghold in Libya even as Libya begins what is going to be a slog – a long process to establish a functioning government and security system there,” he said.

Obama has authorized the Pentagon to open a new military front against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist organization in Libya after the fledgling government there asked for help with precision targeting inside the coastal city of Sirte.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook announced the air raids in…

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