Obama not behind protests against Trump: Analyst

Former US President Barack Obama or the Democratic Party have not been behind the near-daily protests against President Donald Trump, says an anti-war activist in Chicago.

In an interview with Press TV on Monday, Joe Iosbaker said that the democrats lost the election in November because they defended Wall Street bailouts, free trade deals that benefited financial firms involved in international trade.

According to the analyst, “Hillary Clinton could not mobilize Obama’s base of support because for example she and her husband, had helped to construct the system of mass incarceration, calling the oppressed black youths in America’s cities, super predators.”

He went on to explain that the Obama administration also deported two million people who had never committed a crime, but merely workers fleeing from the countries whose economies were destroyed by “free trade deals” that crushed their means of living.

He further explained that Democrats…

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