Obama gives go-ahead to more US military role in Afghanistan

US President Barack Obama has allowed the American military to assume a bigger role in Afghanistan.

A senior US military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, has told Reuters that the move will allow greater use of US air power against Taliban militants, including close air support for the Afghan army.

The official added, however, that “this is not a blanket order to target the Taliban.”

The report gave no further details of the decision which comes after months of debate on the expansion of airstrikes against the Taliban.

Still, reports say the US troops currently in Afghanistan would not get involved in direct combat.

The latest move comes as Afghanistan struggles with a resurgent Taliban, particularly in the south.

It also runs afoul of President Barack Obama’s pledge to get US forces out of Afghanistan, which Washington blames on the slow pace of the development of the Afghan military and the resilience of the Taliban.

US officials say the…

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