Obama considering more sanctions against Syria


US President Barack Obama is considering more sanctions against Syria that could target lower-level military officers, following the failure of US and Russian efforts to broker a ceasefire in the country.

American officials and diplomats said the new strategy is still being discussed, but initial efforts may focus on passing United Nations sanctions against those responsible for the chemical weapons attack two years ago.

A UN-backed panel is expected in the next few weeks to present new findings about the deadly chemical attacks in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta in 2013.

Syrian opposition groups and their western allies claim the nerve gas attacks were launched by the Syrian government. Damascus rejects the allegation, saying the attack was carried out by militants operating inside the country to draw in foreign intervention. Subsequent investigations by the UN and Russia backed Syria’s assertions.

Most of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s top…

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  • Tom

    “Obama Considering More Sanctions Against Syria”

  • Paul Meares

    The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed the faction responsible for the chemical attack, as well as 11 other instances of chemical weapons use, was the Syrian opposition, not Assad.


    I would consider bombing women, children, hospitals, weddings,………etc…. pretty harsh sanctions, but the shoe shine BOY in chief did win the nobel pizza prize?