Obama begins lucrative job as Wall Street speaker

Former US President Barack Obama has begun a lucrative job, working as a speaker for Wall Street less than a year after leaving office, reports say.

Obama is set to be paid $1.2 million for a series of speeches to major Wall Street firms, a practice which drew harsh criticism for Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, during last year’s campaign.

The former president is slated to appear before a “who’s who” of the US health care industry at a conference next week held by the New York trading firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

He will give a speech on his health care program known as Obamacare and then will take questions from the audience.

According to a person briefed on Obama’s planned appearance, he will be paid about $400,000 for his speeches at the three-day event.

“Everybody would like to come. Hopefully, we will really talk about the Affordable Care Act in interesting and nuanced ways, which I think is really cool,” said…

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