Norway’s New Government Grilled for ‘Lack of Diversity’

Among the 68 ministers and secretaries in Norway’s new government, only two appear to be of minority background, despite one in six Norwegians currently being of immigrant background. This overwhelming “whiteness” has triggered fierce criticism from human rights activists.

Numerous human rights organizations and critics, including the Norwegian Center Against Racism, have slammed Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s newly-formed cabinet for failing to “reflect the population.”

Rune Berglund Steen, who is the head of the NGO, went so far as to say that the “lack of diversity” represented a “democratic problem.”

“Even Trump’s government has more people with ethnic minority backgrounds than the Norwegian government,” Steen told national broadcaster NRK, venturing that those in power must reflect the general population and suggesting that a failure to do so constituted a severe problem.

Steen stated that diversity in politics was “healthy” and…

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