Norway Ski Team Sweater Featuring Ancient Tyr Rune Results in Europhobic Hysteria

Editor’s note: It is very fitting that Norway’s Alpine ski team would have the Tyr rune stitched into their jumpers. It is representative of the Norse god Tyr or Tir (or Tiw in the Anglo-Saxon, hence Tiw’s day or Tuesday). Tyr is a warrior god. The appearance of the Tyr rune in any rune reading indicates impending battle, competition, and the vigorous expenditure of energy. It is also associated with bestowing a warrior or athlete with the power to prepare for these endeavours. In ancient times, this would mean the sharpening of swords, the preparation of bows and arrows, the donning of armour and so on. These preparatory activities are easily extended to modern day skiers who have spent endless hours training for their events. The rune symbolizes success, leadership, will, honour, and triumph in competition.

The article presented below is reductive and nihilistic in its dismissal of the rune’s significance. Please do not forget that culture is a proxy for you. Assaults on symbols, monuments, activities, clothing, or anything else you can think of are attacks on you. In other words, this is another battle being waged against white people. After all, the destruction and suppression of symbols is a one-way, anti-white street. Conversely, the symbols, cultures, languages, and self-determination of non-whites are sacrosanct. It is perfectly acceptable, for example, to fly the star and crescent of Islam despite all the blood spilled under its banner. Under our…

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