No to World War III! For the building of a socialist anti-war movement!


No to World War III! For the building of a socialist anti-war movement!

17 April 2018

In the days since the US and NATO launched over 100 missiles at the Syrian cities of Damascus and Homs, it is clear that the imperialist powers have not been sated by the latest bloodletting. Within hours of the strikes, US and European newspapers began pumping out editorials demanding a further escalation of the war for regime-change in Syria.

The Wall Street Journal, speaking for sections of the ruling elite closely aligned with newly appointed US National Security Advisor John Bolton, declared: “One bombing won’t change the fundamentals of the Syrian battlefield, or the strategic reality that the Russia-Iran-Assad axis is winning.”

“If Mr. Trump also wants to deter Russian and Iranian imperialism… he needs a more ambitious strategy,” it continued. “Next time, the attack should be more punishing.”

The Journal concluded: “Only when Russia and Iran begin to pay a larger price in Syria” will the United States secure its aims in the region.

The implications of such statements are clear: while tactical considerations led the United States to stage a raid, and not a full-scale assault that would have led to a shooting war with Iranian and Russian forces, the launching of such an onslaught is only a matter of time. The fact that such a conflict could have cataclysmic consequences for humanity will not deter the imperialist powers from waging it.

Lost in the Journals talk of “regional domination” and demands for “turning Syria into the Ayatollah’s Vietnam” is the flimsy pretext used to justify the latest US attack: the supposed use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government in Douma on April 7.

The propaganda used to justify the strikes exhibited contempt for…

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