New Zealand: Socialist Equality Group holds meeting on Russian Revolution in Auckland


New Zealand: Socialist Equality Group holds meeting on Russian Revolution in Auckland

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30 November 2017

The Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) held a successful public meeting in Auckland, the country’s largest city, on November 25 to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution. About 20 people attended, including students, teachers, pensioners and other workers.

The meeting was part of worldwide commemorations organised by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), the world Trotskyist movement. The ICFI has held meetings in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Britain, India and Sri Lanka, and produced a series of nine online lectures on the World Socialist Web Site examining the development of the Russian Revolution and the political strategy that led to its victory.

A section of the meeting

The centenary meeting in Auckland had historic significance. It was organised by the only political tendency fighting to build a party in New Zealand based on the socialist and internationalist perspective that guided Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolshevik Party 100 years ago. The SEG will hold another public meeting in Lower Hutt, Wellington, at Russell Keown House on the corner of Laings Road and Queens Drive, on Thursday December 14 at 6:00pm.

These meetings are being held both as a celebration of the most significant, progressive political event of the twentieth century and an opportunity to discuss the vital lessons of the revolution for the fight against war and social inequality today. Fearful of the growing interest and attraction to socialism among workers and young people, the ruling elite and its media have largely suppressed discussion of the revolution while, at the same time, seeking to slander it.


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