New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club hosts leader of fascistic street gang


New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club hosts leader of fascistic street gang

Tom Carter

22 October 2018

On October 12, Gavin McInnes, the leader of a fascistic street gang called the “Proud Boys,” was invited to address the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York. Afterwards, his followers participated in a violent brawl with protesters outside the event.

Subsequent to the incident, video footage surfaced showing bands of Proud Boys, joined by members of other far-right extremist gangs, running through the streets of New York. Some are wearing red Trump “MAGA” baseball caps. In one video, a large number of Proud Boys are shown beating two figures on the ground.

During parts of the brawl itself, by many accounts, the police stood by and did not intervene. On his internet show, McInnes acknowledged that “a lot of cops listen.” In the aftermath of the brawl in New York, nine Proud Boys and three Antifa members were charged with rioting, assault and attempted assault.

The event exposes the close ties between a faction of the Republican Party and the political gutter of open racists, bigots and the “alt-right.” The McInnes event was also noteworthy for its specifically anti-communist character.

McInnes is a fascistic provocateur and an emerging figure in the so-called “alt-right.” On his internet show, he shouts vulgar racial slurs. He incites hatred and bigotry of all kinds, including against women, immigrants and Muslims. He brags about his guns and threatens to kill his opponents. He is a self-described anti-Semite. He yells about how “cultural Marxism” is destroying “Western civilization.”

The “Proud Boys” are a violent far-right gang, launched in 2016 by McInnes, who takes inspiration from the fascist movements of the 20th…

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