New US travel ban targets terrorists, not Muslims: Homeland Security


The US government has defended President Donald Trump’s revised entry ban against people from several Muslim countries, with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly claiming that it only targets terror suspects.

Kelly made the remark in an interview with CNN on Monday, shortly after Trump authorized a “watered down” version of the initial ban that excludes Iraq but still prevents citizens of Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan from obtaining an American visa.

“Three of the six (countries in the travel ban) now are designated as terrorism supporters,” Kelly claimed. “We can’t rely on those governments … It’s not a Muslim ban … there are 51 overwhelmingly Muslim countries,” he said.


Upon signing the original directive in late January, Trump asserted that the ban sought to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists.”




US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly talking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (not pictured) in an interview,…

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