New protest in London over US police brutality

Londoners have protested US police brutality against African Americans, bringing the city to a standstill again.

Black Lives Matter protesters marched along Oxford Street and into Trafalgar Square on Tuesday for the third time since last week when two African Americans were shot dead by US police.

On July 5, Alton Sterling,37, was fatally shot by police in the southeastern city of Baton Rouge while another African American, 32-year-old Philando Castile, was shot dead a day after by a police officer near St. Paul.

Around 400 people gathered for the march, chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police.”

The crowd walked to Oxford Street and then to Piccadilly Circus before sitting down. The demonstration halted traffic for a few hours.

The protesters then moved on to Trafalgar Square and during a loud demonstration outside Downing Street. The demonstrators chanted at officers: “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

A women holds up a placard with the slogan…

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