New Front Opens; 53 Killed in Iraq

On Saturday, Iraqi troops opened a second
in the battle for Qayara, a town just south Mosul wanted for
its strategic airbase. Troops have been trying to recapture it, but months of
operations launched from Makhmour have failed to reach the city.

Lt. Gen. Abdelwahab al-Saedi, commander of the Fallujah
operation said
that about 1,000 militants have been killed during the operation to recover the
city. These figures have not been confirmed independently.

About 20,000 people have fled
Fallujah in the last day; however, there are few
available to them in the displacement camps circling the city.

At least 53 were killed and 38 more were wounded:

In Haj Ali, a car bomb targeting displaced civilians killed
12 and wounded six more

Clashes in Amerli killed
five policemen and wounded 10 more

Three separate bombings, one of them a suicide
, in Tuz Khormato killed
three people
and wounded
11 more
; the suicide bomber targeted the offices of the Patriotic Union
of Kurdistan
. Security forces killed a militant
outside of town.

Heavy fighting continues in Fallujah. A missile hit a
Humvee, killing
two special forces soldiers and wounding another
. Shelling left an Iraqi commander
dead and four soldiers wounded
. A suicide
also died.

Militants executed
three civilians
in Qayara.

In Garma, four
explosives experts were killed
as they attempted to dismantle the booby
traps left in a home.

militiamen were gunned down
in Shakrak.

At the frontlines near Baiji, mortars killed
two policemen and wounded three soldiers
. Two
suicide bombers were killed

A bomb wounded
three soldiers
in Mukhisa.

In Hit, security forces killed
eight militants

suicide bombers were killed
in Muqdadiya.

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