Netanyahu is a warmongering fanatic

Leaked international intelligence service cables have provided telling insights into the reality of Iran’s civilian nuclear program-an issue which has been continually hyped up and distorted by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

In September 2012 Prime Minister Netanyahu – echoing fellow war criminal Tony Blair’s infamous lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction in the run up to the 2003 invasion – claimed that Iran was on the verge of creating a nuclear bomb, suggesting that the country was on the cusp of enriching uranium to levels sufficient enough to produce a weapon. A picture was painted by Netanyahu at the UN in his speech, which to take seriously was to buy into the notion that Iran was on course to induce a Middle Eastern apocalypse.

However, the cables between Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, and South Africa conceded that Iran was“Not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons.” There it is, in plain English, Netanyahu contradicted by his own intelligence services.

The lie about Iran’s nuclear intentions has been peddled by many in the media and still is. Iran which hasn’t attacked any nation for hundreds of years is presented as an existential threat to Israel and to world peace. It is often claimed falsely, that the Iranian leadership has previously expressed the desire to “wipe Israel off the map,” another dangerous untruth which persists, despite the fact that it is the US, Israel’s financial and political backer, not Iran, which has actually dropped a nuclear weapon in the past – created one and then pulled the trigger so to speak.

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