Needy Conservatives


If ever there was any proof needed that the left long ago won the so-called “cultural wars,” it was supplied in spades this last month.

And it was supplied by none other than self-styled “conservatives.”  Yet in proving that the left is victorious, these “conservatives” also proved the truth of another proposition by which some of us have been swearing for quite some time:

They are not now, nor have they ever been, genuine conservatives.

In the wake of Charlottesville, “conservatives,” the men and women of the Fake Right, have been competing ferociously with one another in a “disavowing” contest.  They have their sights set on the same prize that “conservatives” covet more than any other: Acceptance by the left.

Those “conservatives” who make their living in academia, Washington D.C., and, importantly, the media, ache to be embraced by their leftist counterparts.  Let’s call them “Needy Conservatives.”

You can always detect a Needy Conservative by the topics on which he (or she) chooses to focus; the terms in which the discussion of the topic is framed; and, perhaps most significantly of all, the topics that he chooses to avoid discussing.

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But, specifically, by far and away the biggest give away that one has encountered a Needy Conservative is the latter’s readiness to disavow “white supremacy” or “white racism.”

Needy Conservatives are in a tough spot.  On the one hand, whether for votes or ratings, they need to convince their constituents that they are real conservatives, i.e. enemies of the left.  On the other hand, they need to convince the left that they are no less committed to the left’s ideals—namely, Equality—than are leftists themselves.

These needs on the part of…

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