NBC Attacks Effectiveness of ‘Any Type of Border Wall’

January 11, 2019

Congressional Democrats, like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY), used to be in total support for barriers along the border before President Trump came along.

It’s an inconvenient truth the liberal media refused to adequately acknowledge as they blamed Trump for the prolonged government shutdown. On Thursday, NBC Nightly News was in such denial of that truth that they sent correspondent Jacob Soboroff to the border to attack the effectiveness of Trump’s prototypes and the existing fencing.

In 2018, private companies built eight prototype barriers in an effort to score a government contract to build President Trump’s border wall. All eight failed because federal officials were able to breach them; clearly signaling they couldn’t be used.

But according to NBC, those prototypes could be what actually gets built. “This image obtained exclusively by NBC News shows how vulnerable President Trump’s wall could be. It’s the result of a Department of Homeland Security test ordered by this administration,” Soboroff bitterly declared.

Smearing Trump’s attempt to compromise with Democrats, in which he offered to use border wall funds to build a type of wall they had funded in the past (steel slats), Soboroff conflated one prototype with the existing barrier. “This steel slat prototype sliced with a saw. Critics of President Trump’s border policy say no barrier, including steel just like this, will do anything to solve the humanitarian or security crisis,” he claimed as he walked along an existing border fence.

Touting how the President responded to NBC’s slanted reporting during his trip to the border on Thursday, Soboroff chided the fact that previous administrations had used similar designs and insisted on further conflating them. “While previous administrations did use the design, the prototypes were built during the Trump…

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