NASA’s Curiosity rover discovers weird & shiny object on Red Planet — RT US News

NASA’s Curiosity rover has made a rather curious discovery on Mars. It’s bright, shiny, mysterious, and might (or might not) be a meteorite.

Writing on the Curiosity team’s blog on Wednesday, Dr. Susanne P. Schwenzer referred to the unidentified object which has been dubbed “Little Colonsay.” 

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“One of the samples that we try to get a better look at is ‘Little Colonsay.’ The planning team thinks it might be a meteorite because it is so shiny. But looks can deceive, and proof will only come from the chemistry,” she wrote.

The object was spotted by the Rover’s ChemCam on Monday.

NASA’s Curiosity rover is the most technologically advanced rover ever built, equipped with 17 cameras and a robotic arm containing specialized tools and instruments. Its mission is to determine if Mars was, or is, habitable to microbial life.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.