My Son Is a Marine

Neither of my sons are Marines, and if any of them were, I would be embarrassed and ashamed to tell you. But many people have sons who are Marines—and are proud of it. I know this because of all the bumper stickers I have seen that read: “My Son Is a Marine.” Sometimes there is even another bumper sticker along side of it that reads: “I ♥ My Marine.”

The only thing worse than this is having a daughter who is a Marine.

Is having a son who is a Marine something to be proud of? Perhaps it was true at one time. It certainly isn’t true now.

What do people think when they see these “My Son Is a Marine” bumper stickers? No doubt most people think that it must be a great thing to have a son who is a Marine. The Marine Corps is the most “manly” branch of the military, is it not? Don’t the Marines defend our freedoms, protect us from terrorists, keep us from having to speak German, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Arabic, and fight “over there” so we don’t have to fight “over here”?

I don’t think any of these things. I think of what the bumper sticker really means.

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If the parents of Marines put honest bumper stickers on their cars, perhaps they would say things like the following.

My son makes widows and orphans.
My son fights unjust wars.
My son is pawn in the hands of Uncle Sam.

My son bombs other countries.
My son fights foreign wars.
My son is part of the president’s personal attack force.

My son maims foreigners.
My son polices the world.
My son is responsible for the deaths of children.

My son fights senseless wars.
My son destroys foreign industry, culture, and infrastructure.
My son goes where he has no business…

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