Most British are against 2nd EU referendum: Poll

An opinion poll has revealed that the majority of British people are against holding a second referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union.

The poll carried out by ComRes found that some 57 percent of the respondents opposed a second vote on Brexit, and only 29 percent believed that there should be another referendum.

Nearly half of the interviewees, 46 percent, also thought that new British Prime Minister Theresa May should carry on without calling a general election. The respondents agree that “the Conservatives were elected for a five-year term so Ms May does not need to face a general election to get support for her program.”

Some 38 percent, however, said that May needs to be elected in a general vote.

The poll came less than a week after the House of Commons said it will debate a petition calling for a second referendum on September 5.

The online petition was signed by 4,139,114 people as of Monday. It was set up by a Brexit…

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