Moscow Trains Anti-Trump US Radicals – CNN’s Putin/Trump Link Debunked

Russia fueled anti-Trump chaos as leverage in US negotiations

Jerome R. Corsi
Feb. 1, 2016

NEW YORK – A story reported this week by INFOWARS gives President Trump a tremendous advantage in dealing with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The story also exposes the “Fake News” behind the narrative advanced by Hillary Clinton that Putin supplied Wikileaks with emails Russia hacked from John Podesta’s emails.

The violent anti-Trump protests and disruptive demonstrations aimed at shutting down Trump rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign and the Trump inaugural on January 20, 2017, were covertly organized by several U.S.-based Marxist-Leninist groups whose top operatives have ties to Russia through Putin’s “Anti-Globalist Movement” headquartered in Moscow.

This has been thoroughly documented by New Zealand-based activist filmmaker and conservative political commentator Trevor Louden, in a new 22-minute documentary, “America Under Siege: Civil War 2017,” published on YouTube.“The covert leadership of the violent anti-Trump protest movement traces back to U.S.-based groups like Workers of the World and Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” Louden told in an exclusive Skype interview from his office in New Zealand.

“Both the Workers of the World and the Freedom Road Socialists are funded by the Anti-Globalization Movement in Russia, AGM, led by Russian businessman Alexander Ionov,” he continued.  “The Anti-Globalist Movement in Russia is really an anti-American organization that brings radicals on both the right- and left-wings to Moscow for seminars and conferences in the attempt to build an anti-American international organization that today is heavily involved in backing the anti-Trump protest movement.”

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