Military-style raids sweep up 114 immigrant workers in Ohio


Military-style raids sweep up 114 immigrant workers in Ohio

Eric London

6 June 2018

Two hundred immigration agents dressed in military gear descended upon two garden nurseries in the Ohio cities of Sandusky and Castalia yesterday, arresting 114 immigrants in the largest single immigration raid of the Trump era.

It was a workday that began like any other for the workers of Corso’s Flower and Garden Center in the former industrial hub near Lake Erie. However, before noon more than half of them were headed for immigration internment camps where they face months or even years of detention.

Images depict a brutal crackdown of police-state proportions. Armed agents surrounded the facilities, swarmed the workers, lined them up against the walls, cuffed them and frog-marched them into the backs of unmarked buses.

Lynn Tramonte, the director of the immigrant rights group America’s Voice Ohio, told the World Socialist Web Site: “These raids are significant for many reasons. One, our government is using SWAT-team style tactics to arrest ordinary workers who pose no threat to anyone. It’s an outrageous misuse of tax dollars. Two, our government is doing this without any regard at all for the consequences of their actions. What happens when Mom or Dad doesn’t come home tonight? Who picks up the children from school? Who makes them dinner and helps them with their homework?”

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents set up full perimeters around the premises, preventing workers from trying to escape. Agents with guns strapped to their bodies tied up women, took their personal belongings, and forced them off the facilities.

The military-style raid is a warning to the working class. It sends a message that the Trump administration is preparing an ever-greater use of…

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