Migrants ‘Issue Ultimatum & Forcefully Prevent’ German Police from Deporting Failed Asylum Seeker

German police have been forced to release a failed asylum seeker they were due to deport after being confronted by an angry mob of migrants. The officers caved in to the crowd’s demands and fled to avoid a “dangerous escalation.”

The incident took place in the town of Ellwangen in southern Germany overnight into Monday when a group of police officers arrived at a local refugee reception center. They were due to find and deport a Togolese man, 23, the Aalen police department said in a statement on Wednesday.

The officers had already detained the man and put him into a police car, when a crowd of about 50 people, who were living in the reception center, demanded the Togolese national be released “in an aggressive and threatening manner.”

Following what the statement described as an “extremely aggressive” confrontation that could allegedly “spiral into violence at any moment,” police had to release the man, who was already in police custody, in order to “avoid drastic escalation of the situation that could occur otherwise.” The police also said that, at some point, the mob grew from 50 to some 150 people.

The refugees and migrants allegedly encircled the two police cars that were present at the scene and started harassing the officers, the German dpa news agency reported. “They were very aggressive and threatened us in such an increasingly explicit manner that we had to leave the man [in the car] … and retreat to the reception center ward,” a police officer,…

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