Metapolitical Milk

By Mundilfury

This past week some Alt-Right pranksters, reminiscent of Übermensch Alex and his Droogs from A Clockwork Orange, were out looking for some of that ole metapolitical non-violent, ultra-violence. While they weren’t playing hogs-of-the-road, they were playing hogs-of-the-camera as they decided that rather than dividing us, Shia LaBoeuf’s short lived, four-year-long live stream at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City would serve as a showcase of Alt-Right and 4chan pranks gone right. They even decided that they would bring the Korova Milk Bar with them by having a drink of one of the West’s favorite beverages at the outdoor art exhibit. They yelled slogans, chanted, and drank large quantities of milk from gallon jugs.  Representatives of the Alt-Right such as Mike Enoch, contributors to The Right Stuff (TRS Goys), and famed Alt-Right animator and Red Ice correspondent Emily Youcis along with allies amongst the 4chan and far-right crowds made appearances at the installation. Mike Enoch and other TRS Goys offered up a delicious plate of deep-fried tendies to the camera, another symbolic Alt-Right, /pol/ commodity. Although tendies remain hidden from the normie gaze, milk has become synonymous with “white supremacy” according to fretful members of the Leftist press; and yet, at the same time, milk has become another genuine symbol of the Alt-Right. 

While Leftist journalists wrongly and reductively dismiss the researches of…

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