Merkel’s Chief of Staff: I’d rather people not vote at all than vote AFD

Sept 20, 2017

A senior German politician has sparked outrage after suggesting that disenfranchised voters shouldn’t turn up to vote if they’re planning on voting AFD. 

Peter Altmaier, Chief of Staff of to the German Chancellery and Federal Minister for Special Affairs said in an interview with Bild that: “The AfD splits our country. It takes advantage of the worries and fears of the people and so I believe that a vote for the AfD is not justified, at least for me. ”

When asked directly if it was better for voters to vote AFD than not at all, Altmaier replied:  “No!”

“I advocate that all go to the election. But that they choose the parties that are state-sponsored. And for me, this is, of course, my own CDU/CSU, but also FDP, SPD and Greens. I can not make any sense in voting for the AfD.”

Like a true establishment figure, he explains to the interviewer that by state-sponsored he means parties which support the status quo. The fact that parties like the AFD rail against status quo is exactly why people are drawn to them!

His comments aren’t going down too well with German voters. One commenter said: “His deeply indifferent hostility to democracy makes him a sought-after partner for Chancellor Schulz’s future cabinet!”

Another said Altmaier had “a strange understanding of democracy if a party admitted to the election is not to be elected because the party or some functionaries use more extreme vocabulary, but on the outside, all factions promise the same to the citizens, for example, securing the external borders, checking the arrivals, deportation of criminals from abroad”.

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As Nigel Farage said a few weeks ago, Germany hasn’t had proper opposition for years and it’s about time Merkel had someone to stand up to her and Schultz’, who are effectively different sides of the same coin.

They must be frightened if…

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