Memos reveal torture of detainees at CIA black site in Afghanistan

New details have been disclosed about the CIA’s torture program at a black site prison near Kabul, Afghanistan, thanks to newly unsealed documents the spy agency and US Defense Department were forced to declassify over a lawsuit filed by victims of the torture program.

The newly revealed papers expose in shocking detail how the agency integrated two contract psychologists to design brutal torture techniques to break detainees’ resistance and give torture the appearance of legality.

Two surviving prisoners and the family of a detainee who died at the ‘Cobalt’ site in Afghanistan reached an out-of-court settlement with CIA psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen in August after a lawsuit was filed for their role in the torture.

The CIA and Pentagon were forced to declassify the documents related to the case in pretrial discovery. The memos also capture high-level agency discussions revealing a cover-up in action.

The Cobalt…

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