Media Goes Insane After POTUS Drinks From Water Bottle

The headlines emphasize how virulently the media hates Trump

Steve Watson
Nov 16, 2017

The latest example of Trump derangement syndrome, the world’s media en mass published mocking stories after the President paused during a speech to drink from a water bottle.

The headlines emphasize how virulently the media hates Trump and will take any opportunity to criticize him, no matter how trivial and meaningless the subject matter is.

This video from ABC News is unembeddable here, but is a must watch as it really captures how obsessed the media is:

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Late night talk hosts also used the incident to mock the President.

“I don’t drink water often, but when I do it looks weird” mocked Trevor Noah, putting on a Trump imitation.

“He’s talking about … bringing jobs back to America. He’s drinking a bottle of water from Fiji. It’s Fiji water,” Kimmel said on his late-night show.

“He’s not even drinking American water during the speech about American [jobs]. I think that does a very good job of summing the man up right there.” Kimmel added.

“Alright that’s not fair, OK, everybody gets dry mouth. I can’t stand here on national television and make fun of a politician just for drinking water. That is childish and Trump already did it way better with Rubio,” Stephen Colbert taunted.

Are any of these people ever actually listening to what Trump is saying or paying attention to anything he is doing, or do they just literally have the minds of children, obsessing over they way he moves his arms and what facial expressions he makes?

This article was posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 11:48 am