Mass immigration raids shatter Ohio communities


“I saw officers with assault rifles, dogs and helicopters everywhere”

Mass immigration raids shatter Ohio communities

Eric London and Will Morrow

7 June 2018

Family and co-workers of the immigrants arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) described Tuesday’s raids in northern Ohio, the largest so far of the Trump era, as “military-style,” “SWAT-like” and “a nightmare.”

The coordinated raids targeted workers at the Corso’s Flower and Garden Center nurseries in Castalia and neighboring Sandusky. The World Socialist Web Site spoke yesterday with children whose parents were arrested, co-workers whose close friends are gone, and young husbands who were separated from their wives.


Witnesses described a scene of total criminality. “They came with donuts,” said Mercedes, a Corso’s worker. “They got all of us into the same area telling us they were officials doing a routine inspection. When we all gathered, they encircled us and took the badges out. They had dogs, helicopters, assault rifles and helmets. We were all crying.” Another source told the WSWS that some agents were disguised as construction workers.

Nearby residents said they could hear the raid from their homes. Other witnesses said workers who are US citizens denounced immigration agents at the scene, yelling at them and imploring them to stop. Workers said immigration officials detained several US citizen workers to prevent them from calling co-workers and warning them about the raid. Agents also reportedly ordered documented immigrant workers to bring their passports to work from now on. The workers said they would do no such thing.

Last night, dozens of devastated family members gathered at a church in nearby…

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