Mass Extinction Was Due to an Ice Age, Not Warming



The cold exterminated all of them

Through age determinations that are using the radioactive decay of uranium, scientists have discovered that one of the greatest mass extinctions was due to an ice age and not to a warming of Earth temperature

Permian-Triassic boundary in shallow marine sediments, characterized by a significant sedimentation gap between the black shales of Permian and dolomites of Triassic age. This gap documents a globally recognized regression phase, probably linked to a period of a cold climate and glaciation. CREDIT © H. Bucher, Zürich

The Earth has known several mass extinctions over the course of its history. One of the most important happened at the Permian-Triassic boundary 250 million years ago. Over 95% of marine species disappeared and, up until now, scientists have linked this extinction to a significant rise in Earth temperatures. But researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, working alongside the University of Zurich, discovered that this extinction took place during a short ice age which preceded the global climate warming. It’s the first time that the various stages of a mass extinction have been accurately understood and that scientists have been able to assess the major role played by volcanic explosions in these climate processes. This research, which can be read in Scientific Reports, completely calls into question the scientific theories regarding these phenomena, founded on the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, and paves the way for a new vision of the Earth’s climate history.

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  • Grim Fandango

    Al Gore and his scurvy minions have this covered… they now call it Climate Change. And they point to the earliest, and little known first cave man society, which cause this global extinction event by burning surface puddles of crude oil for their religious ceremonies.

  • lone wolf

    “Mass Extinction Was Due to an Ice Age, Not Warming” Wahahaha ! and the US went to the moon even though the Van Allen belts makes that impossible today, and then there is Mars, that mystery place where WiFi works at millions of miles away. Wahahaha! oh yeah, and the earth is billions of years old. Just how dumb does one have to be to believe this junk?

    • FreddyB

      The only idiotic remark you missed was the flat Earth, lol.
      I realize that research of any type is going to be way beyond your intellectual capabilities so I can not wait to see how you spin the mass starvation that’s is just around the corner as the Earth cools because of a decline in our sun’s output. Oh right I forgot you probably believe the sun is just a spotlight in the sky.
      We are in serious trouble and should you be so inclined head out and talk to local farmers if you want the damn truth… crops ARE failing worldwide due to the cold and pathogens. A couple more years and there will be no denying any of this… unless your an idiot.

  • leevitowt

    So H2O is a pollutant, not CO2 ;-)

    Imagine how a modern/ancient city would react to overwhelming ice. Firstly, the ice would crack things open, then, it would break them apart and the slow roll of glaciation would grind the parts to dust – que sera sera….

  • bh9

    “…a new vision of the Earth’s climate history.”
    Not if establishment “climate scientists” have their way. Too many sacred cows would be sacrificed. And too many iron rice bowls.

  • Barry Warmkessel

    And the Ice Age was due to a comet or giant meteorite impact.

  • Barry Warmkessel

    Google or Bing: VULCAN REVEALED A Dangerous New Jovian Sized Body In Our Solar System
    “Physically, however, Vulcan’s orbit is such that it draws small bodies from the Kuiper Belt, and casts them into comet like orbits. Sometimes these objects pass through the solar system in Sun grazing orbits. Then they break up forming meteor or comet swarms. At least five such swarms have been identified. Often, some members of these swarms impact Earth when they pass through the inner solar system. More than thirty such impacts causing massive weather changes have been identified from tree ring and ice core data spanning the past 15,000 years.”