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I hate self-deluded experts who won’t make an effort….

I offer the following exchange, with some additional color thrown in by yours truly:

a ware November 17, 2017 at 3:31 PM

I resisted commenting but here goes.

You should have stuck to your first instinct.

I admire your writing and mostly agree with your analysis, though I am an anarchist rather than libertarian.

Wow! A real anarchist and not a mamby-pamby libertarian!  Thanks for sharing.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Why this is relevant, we are given not a clue.  In any case, whenever someone who has never commented here before (at least to my recollection) starts his comment with something like “long time reader” or “I admire your writing” I am 99.99% sure that a) it isn’t true and b) idiocy will follow.

I cannot make the reason for your agreement with this thinly veiled Roman apology masquerading as historical/political commentary.

A fair wonderment, but not for someone who says “I admire your writing and mostly agree with your analysis,” given that I have written my analysis on this exact topic more times than any other.

Even a superficial knowledge knows of the Inquisition. If there was some kind of “common” culture it was the result of violence and severe repression of any dissenting views. Suggested reading: A History of the Inquisition in the Middle Ages by Henry Charles Lea.

A typical (and uninformed) stereotype of the time and place.

If the Roman church is the giver of this commonality, it did so just as the Communist Party did in the Soviet Union, with violence and terror.

A typical (and uninformed) stereotype of the time and place.

One has to ignore real history (and many papal bulls) to think this institution is ever been a friend of…

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