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Nothing like putting a damper on the plans of billionaire oligarchs who have cooked up an expensive cure for human aging that very few but themselves can afford.  It’s the transfer of blood plasma from a young donor to an old recipient to produce an anti-aging effect.  The idea was fostered by recently published studies that show the conjoining of blood circulation of a young animal with an old one results in the old animal becoming younger biologically.

That experimental procedure is called parabiosis.  Of course, old humans aren’t stitching their arteries together with younger people as they did in the animal lab but rather receive infusions of blood plasma from young donors. [Nature 2015]

This $8000 treatment is under human study by two developmental anti-aging companies.  They must have millions of dollars of research funds invested in these ventures. 

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MITs Technology Review calls it a scam, but it is not without scientific merit.  [MIT Technology Review Jan 13, 2017]  One news report calls these commercial ventures “blood boy clinics.” [Mashable]

This author wrote the overmineralization theory of aging in 2007. [ResveratrolNews.com]  That theory has not been challenged.  Evidence piles up to further substantiate the calcification and rusting of the human body is what drives progressive aging. [ResveratrolNews.com]  Iron, being the dominant toxic heavy metal in the human body, is the main driver.

The overmineralization theory postulates there is no biological aging during the growth years (first 18 years of life).  Only birthdays occur.  Then as growth halts the demand for calcium to build new bone and iron…

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