London Thug Uses Huge Knife to Attack Driver on Busy Street

Police are investigating a shocking knife attack in South London where a man brandished a foot-long blade on a busy high street.

Footage of the incident has circulated online, showing the attacker dismount from a bike and draw the sword-like weapon.

His target is in a car, and as they try to escape, smashed into a vehicle in front. With the target trapped, the knifeman attempts to smash the car’s window before the victim leaps out and flees for his life.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told the Croydon Advertiser that no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

The spokesman said:

We were called at around 5 p.m. to London Road, in Croydon, after someone approached a vehicle brandishing a weapon.

With that in mind, the driver of the car has collided with another vehicle. The driver of the car, who the suspect approached with the weapon, made off on foot from the vehicle.

The victim later returned to the scene to speak to officers but the suspect made off from the scene. No injuries were reported and no arrests made.

London is currently experiencing a violent crime wave, which has accelerated under the leadership of London’s left-wing Labour mayor

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