Who Is Listening to Dick Cheney?

Dick Cheney is a former vice president who had an enormous effect
on public policy, and therefore on history. He should be interviewed by media
outlets. He should be asked tough questions about every single aspect of his
tenure in the White House. We cannot pretend that Cheney does not belong in
history books, or that he will vanish if we just wish hard enough.

But the line should be firmly drawn. Cheney is part of history,
and there he should stay. But not so much that we pretend he is toothless and
apolitical. He should not be steered out as a fun toy, the way Henry Kissinger
and Madeleine Albright and other, shall we say, controversial politicians have
been on stunt-cast on shows ranging from Gilmore Girls to The Colbert

Most importantly, Dick Cheney’s new attention-grabbing attempts
should be ignored. The man was given a much longer leash than most VPs to wreck
the world. He’s done. Unfortunately, Dick doesn’t think so himself.

George W. Bush has been unfairly praised for mostly keeping his
nose out of President Obama’s business. But Obama has had his own wars in Libya,
and all over the MIddle East via drone. He doesn’t really need the advice of
any warmongers beyond his own cabinet.

The question now is who among the 2016 contenders might be the most eager to
learn from Cheney. Because Cheney and his daughter Liz do have lots of opinions
to share. A whole book of them, in fact. It is called Exceptional:
Why the World Needs a Powerful America
. Last week, The Wall Street
an excerpt.


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