Limo in crash that killed 20 owned by FBI terror “sting” operative


Deadliest US transportation incident since 2009

Limo in crash that killed 20 owned by FBI terror “sting” operative

Josh Varlin

10 October 2018

Additional details continue to emerge about Saturday’s limousine crash in upstate New York, highlighting extreme negligence and indifference to human life from the limo operator and the state and federal governments. The crash, which killed 20 people, was the deadliest US transportation incident since a 2009 plane crash that killed 50 people.

Among the most shocking revelations is that the owner of the limo company was Shahed Hussain, a key former informant and agent provocateur for the FBI, who was sent to troll mosques in order to entrap a number of individuals in “sting” operations involving fake terror plots that were of his and the FBI’s own making.

This included the infamous “Newburgh Four” frame-up in 2010, in which four gullible young men were lured with promises of large amounts of cash into a phony plot to bomb a synagogue and Jewish community center. The judge in the case, while claiming she had no choice in handing down 25-year prison sentences, acknowledged that the government “came up with the crime, provided the means, and removed all relevant obstacles.”

On October 6, the limo owned by Hussain’s company was carrying 17 passengers. It failed to stop at an intersection in Schoharie, New York, driving into the parking lot of Apple Barrel Country Store, a popular tourist destination. The limo struck two people in the parking lot and an unoccupied parked car, before colliding with an earthen embankment. The 17 passengers, the driver and the two people in the parking lot were all killed.

It has since emerged that the limo had failed an inspection last month, should not have been on the road and…

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