Lazy Liberals and “the Trump Effect”

Photo by Taymaz Valley | CC by 2.0

Liberals and other Democrats are getting dumber by the day. I keep running into them and hearing the same story over and over: things are bad because Trump is the president.

That’s it. It’s all you have to know. It’s the only thing that matters to these unstable dolts. It’s all about Trump. It’s Trump this, Trump that. All day long. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, and Trump some more.

CNN and MSNBC et al. keep up the drumbeat.  Trump tweeted this.  Trump said that. Everything is trumped by Trump, Trump, Trump (with a strong overlay of Russia, Russia, Russia, of course).

Now we have the Michael Wolff book – an orgy of revelations on the madness and dysfunction of the Insane Clown President.

There’s no social and power structures that matter. There’s no underlying class rule or longstanding capitalist ecocide, no dominant oppressive institutions, no ideologies that matter….no history that matters.

Racism? It’s cuz of Trump.

Sexism?  Trump did it.

Threat of nuclear holocaust?  Blame Trump.

Inequality and plutocracy?  The handiwork of Boss Tweet, that bastard.

Climate change?  You know the answer: big stupid Trump. Damn him!

Look, I dislike the Stable Genius as much as does anyone left of Paul Ryan.  But this is crazy.  It’s every bit as dotard-like as the Donald his own mad self.  Liberals have fallen prey to what one of my Canadian correspondents, Gabriel Alan, calls “the…

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